The latest additions to our house..

We have Giant African Land Snails!

I wasn’t keen at first, but my youngest is insect/bug/slimey things obsessed! He loves finding them, and hates leaving them outside, so I thought this would be perfect. What I didn’t count on was how fascinating I would find them! They are huge, and really quite interesting.. who would have thought it! I decided to get two because I think it would be great for him to see the life cycle of the laying of eggs, the growth of tiny snails etc..

We are excitedly awaiting the delivery of the stick insects next week!

Custom order Crochet Roll

I have been making knitting/crochet rolls/holders for a while now, so when I was asked by Kim of Kims Creative Crafts if I could make a custom order for her, with fabric she already had, I was delighted. And what a set of beautiful Michael Miller fabrics she sent!

Her response: “wow its gorgeous!! I LOVE it Emma!!! Thank you so much xx”

More custom orders welcomed!

Look what I won!

How cute are these little Chinese Luck Cats?!

I entered a giveaway held by Sooz at The Bead Shed and was delighted to see a post yesterday saying I’d won 😀

And like the speed of light, these little beauties came through my door this morning.. They are so lovely, at just over half an inch tall they are tiny little bits of gorgeousness. I have no idea what they will adorn yet, but they are sitting on the shelves in my sewing area waiting to inspire me, and making me smile every time I look at them!

Thank you so much Sooz! 😀

Lovely new fabric!

Got some new fabric today (to add to the stack I already have..)

Cherries, tattoo fabric, animals, skulls.. oh yes, and a definate leaning towards red lately! I am particularly taken with the strawberries 😀

Now to get busy making.. First some pirate bunting I think!

The Original Monkey..

This is the first monkey I ever made – he was the beginning of my monkey-making. He was made a couple of years ago now, he is missing an eye (an eye chosen specifically for him by his owner, a mis-matched, diamond eye..) he is a bit bobbly and he has a rip which will need minor surgery.. This monkey has been abseiling up and down the stairs, he has saved and helped other toys cross imaginary canyons – has been tied by his tail to various things – door handles, bannisters; has had untold adventures.. And this monkey is enormously loved, he has been read numerous stories, been cuddled while watching various films, and been trailed round town on more than one occasion. More than that, this monkey has to be taken to bed each night, and his boy cannot sleep without him..

I hope your little ones get as much joy from their monkeys 😀

Available monkeys can be found here, on my FB page: Meg&Millie