The Original Monkey..

This is the first monkey I ever made – he was the beginning of my monkey-making. He was made a couple of years ago now, he is missing an eye (an eye chosen specifically for him by his owner, a mis-matched, diamond eye..) he is a bit bobbly and he has a rip which will need minor surgery.. This monkey has been abseiling up and down the stairs, he has saved and helped other toys cross imaginary canyons – has been tied by his tail to various things – door handles, bannisters; has had untold adventures.. And this monkey is enormously loved, he has been read numerous stories, been cuddled while watching various films, and been trailed round town on more than one occasion. More than that, this monkey has to be taken to bed each night, and his boy cannot sleep without him..

I hope your little ones get as much joy from their monkeys 😀

Available monkeys can be found here, on my FB page: Meg&Millie


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