The latest additions to our house..

We have Giant African Land Snails!

I wasn’t keen at first, but my youngest is insect/bug/slimey things obsessed! He loves finding them, and hates leaving them outside, so I thought this would be perfect. What I didn’t count on was how fascinating I would find them! They are huge, and really quite interesting.. who would have thought it! I decided to get two because I think it would be great for him to see the life cycle of the laying of eggs, the growth of tiny snails etc..

We are excitedly awaiting the delivery of the stick insects next week!

3 Replies to “The latest additions to our house..”

  1. I totally get the snail thing. When I was little I found them fascinating too – so much so that my nickname for a while in Primary School was Snail Fingers! I used to put them in my mums empty butter tubs and collect leaves for them to eat.

    Your post has brought back so many memories – I’d completely forgotten my love for snails. I shall undobtedly dream of snails tonight now!

    Nerys 🙂

  2. Hahaha see the life cycle hey – you’ll be sorry when you have 1000’s of them!

    I’m a big fan of creepy crawlies myself and have been thinking about getting some stick insects, be keen to know how you get on with them! x x

  3. Lol at your nickname Nerys! Tash they don’t seem to be in the slightest bit interested in each other, so no worries about being over-run just yet! The stick insects are fine, if slightly nuts – whenever we hold them they do suicidal backflips to try and get back in the tank!

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