What a fabulous day!

Today was a very special day, and it didn’t fail to live up to expectations..
Even if it started at 4.30am – it just meant we could pack more into one day!
(Almost) everything that was wanted was received, the smiles on small faces will remain with me forever.

A special, precious, fabulous day.

We spent the afternoon at our local castle, watching ‘The Vikings’ battle.
You can find out more about the group >Here<

“Rhuddlan Heritage Society with the support of CADW are staging a celebration of the events that took place in the year 1075 AD. The conflict between the Norman Lord Robert of Rhuddlan (a veteran of the Battle of Hastings) and the Welsh Prince, Gryffydd ap Cynan. Over the Bank Holiday weekend (Sunday & Monday) you will be able visit both the Anglo-Norman and Welsh/Viking encampments. The Battle finale, on both days, will see the Anglo-Norman army take up defence on the original battlefield site at Twt Hill Motte & Bailey. Prince Gruffydd will then march his Welsh/Viking army out of the Edwardian Castle to give battle.”

We wandered around the castle, marvelling at the sites, wowing at the walls, staring through the windows/arrow slits at the beautiful scenery beyond..

We live in such a beautiful place, with mountains, and beaches, and fabulous scenery, we’re so lucky. We may not appreciate it enough, we really should..

I am proud, honoured, grateful, happy, fulfilled, content.

And really tired πŸ˜€

And I wish I hadn’t bought MouseTrap. Setting it up sucks.

Charity shop baaaargains!

charity shop, bargains, yeehahWe are often to be found mooching the charity shops, here are a few of our latest finds!

We got a Horrible Science Blood Bones and Body Bits (minus the plaster of paris, which we have lots of, so no probs) I got a bag full of buttons for 50p and a lovely vintage book of doll dressmaking – costing 25shillings.. I <3 it

Snapdragon goodies.

The lovely Jane, of Snapdragon has been running a few giveaways lately, clearing out old stock, one offs, items that didn’t make the final cut etc, and I was lucky enough to receive some goodies πŸ˜€

The package arrived and the first thing I noticed was the lovely address label. Upon opening it there was a beautiful catalogue, full of colourful, gorgeous photos, which made me long for the day that I am so organised with my own, very new, business!

Then, unwrapping the tissue paper, there was my lovely machine embroidered piece, complete with black cat strolling across it.. I don’t know what I will make it into yet, but it will be something for my bedroom, something just for me πŸ˜€

There was also a piece of fulled wool, for me to have a go at machine embroidery on. As this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, this seems like the perfect push towards it!

Thank you so much Jane, I really appreciate your generosity and your lovely work, you’ve inspired me to try new things.

You can find Snapdragon on Facebook
Or take a look at the Website
Or the Blog

New things on the go.. and bugs!

caterpillar eggs, maybug, garden, vegetables Sunny today, so working in the garden. Pots are running short, so as soon as anything gets slightly bigger than weedy seedling I bung it in the ground and cross my fingers, today the tomatoes got a chance to progress on, well, 29 of them did, the other variety will have to wait a while πŸ˜€

While we were happily getting all composty, we spotted a strange – rather large – creature we had never seen before. Off to trusty Facebook to upload the photo and within minutes lovely friends had informed me it was a cockchafer, also known as a Maybug. The Boy has been enthralled with it, but very sad that they apparently live for only one day.

We then noticed a little group of eggs on one of our plants (cabbage/sprout or cauli – I’d obviously run out of sticks to tag them). We will sacrifice this plant, and keep it somewhere safe so that we can watch the caterpillars emerge, did I mention the extreme bug love that goes on at our house..?!

purse, poppy, brooch And here’s a quick look at a couple of new things I’ve been working on, the poppy piece on green and cream will become a clutch, and the other is a brooch πŸ˜€

After mainly doing pyrography for the last couple of weeks, it appears my sewing mojo is returning.

Phew. πŸ˜€

Edit: After reading a bit more, it seems that it’s Mayflies that only live a day, and the beastie we found can live a month or more. The Boy is going to think it’s a miracle if it’s still going strong tomorrow! Yay!

Another Sockmonkey finds a new home

So we set off to the Post Office in the rain, wellies on ready for puddle jumping, to send the little stripey sockmonkey on the left to his new home – he is to be a birthday present for a little girl, and I hope he makes her very happy!

On the way we called into a local exhibition space, to enquire about having my pyrography on show/for sale there. It’s a lovely space, and has some brilliant works of art in there, amongst those were some bizarre/macabre dolls and horses – wish I’d got photos and the name of the artist, they were amazing! Had a lovely chat with the lady in there, while the Boy tested his voice in the echoey surroundings πŸ˜€

Also booked an exhibition space in the local library for next year, so should give me plenty of time to build up some more work!

So, off little monkey went.. His friend, on the right, is a little lonely now though, hopefully he’ll find a new home soon πŸ˜€

Other available creatures can be found on my Facebook page: >Here<

Edit: I have found out the creator of the dolls/horses is an artist called Badge πŸ˜€

You can see more of Badges work >Here<

Vegging and craftiness

So, the last post was all excitement and anticipation – planting the seeds and waiting for the veg to start growing.

Look at it now!

In the foreground we have sprouts, and around those we have a tub of lettuce, lots of different varieties, we also have beetroot, and lots of cabbage, and radish (the dandelions you can see have been the bane of my life recently, but I may attempt to make wine with them – seems a shame to waste something that grows so prolifically in my garden!)

Oh, and the strawberries! How could I forget those?! (Not that you can see them in this pic..) They have lots of flowers, and there are even the beginnings of fruit. Ripe strawberries, front doorstep, early morning, heat and sunshine. Can’t wait!

We haven’t grown much veg before, so this year is all about learning what works best, and where. I over-did the cabbage seeds slightly, so have been giving away a lot of the seedlings, but we have some growing indoors, some in the ground with mini cloches (used plastic bottles) and some in the ground left to fend for themselves. The ones in pots are doing really well, the others a little smaller, but they also have slugs to contend with, ah well, we’ll see..

Currently waiting for new pots to become available are my peppers (still residing on the bedroom windowsill) and we’ve just sown carrots into a large planter, and tomatoes are just sprouting. Don’t like tomatoes on their own, but am looking forward to being able to make sauces for pasta etc from them.

Am becoming slightly addicted to this veg growing lark!

The mystery seeds from the last post turned out to be sweet peas btw!

Burning, wood, vase, flowers

And on a crafty note, this is the latest piece I’m working on. Have been getting back into my pyrography lately, and have lots of ideas for new items to be put in the shop – one of which will be a large ‘Green Man’ burn, looking forward to getting started on that.

I may be exhibiting my burnings at a local gallery at some point in the future – Gallery 36 – but this is still to be arranged. There is some beautiful photography to be seen there, by Ray Worsnop, the Facebook group can be found here.