Vegging and craftiness

So, the last post was all excitement and anticipation – planting the seeds and waiting for the veg to start growing.

Look at it now!

In the foreground we have sprouts, and around those we have a tub of lettuce, lots of different varieties, we also have beetroot, and lots of cabbage, and radish (the dandelions you can see have been the bane of my life recently, but I may attempt to make wine with them – seems a shame to waste something that grows so prolifically in my garden!)

Oh, and the strawberries! How could I forget those?! (Not that you can see them in this pic..) They have lots of flowers, and there are even the beginnings of fruit. Ripe strawberries, front doorstep, early morning, heat and sunshine. Can’t wait!

We haven’t grown much veg before, so this year is all about learning what works best, and where. I over-did the cabbage seeds slightly, so have been giving away a lot of the seedlings, but we have some growing indoors, some in the ground with mini cloches (used plastic bottles) and some in the ground left to fend for themselves. The ones in pots are doing really well, the others a little smaller, but they also have slugs to contend with, ah well, we’ll see..

Currently waiting for new pots to become available are my peppers (still residing on the bedroom windowsill) and we’ve just sown carrots into a large planter, and tomatoes are just sprouting. Don’t like tomatoes on their own, but am looking forward to being able to make sauces for pasta etc from them.

Am becoming slightly addicted to this veg growing lark!

The mystery seeds from the last post turned out to be sweet peas btw!

Burning, wood, vase, flowers

And on a crafty note, this is the latest piece I’m working on. Have been getting back into my pyrography lately, and have lots of ideas for new items to be put in the shop – one of which will be a large ‘Green Man’ burn, looking forward to getting started on that.

I may be exhibiting my burnings at a local gallery at some point in the future – Gallery 36 – but this is still to be arranged. There is some beautiful photography to be seen there, by Ray Worsnop, the Facebook group can be found here.

4 Replies to “Vegging and craftiness”

  1. wow, I love that vase!

    And am also in awe of your veg growing exploits. As always, I have the best of intentions, and lots of seeds still in packets 🙁

  2. Thanks Jax 🙂

    Am most impressed with how the veg are doing – I keep looking at them thinking ‘they were dry little seeds, now they are food’ lol!

  3. Lettuce, beetroot, radish have been some of our best growers this year, along with the mighty spinach. We eat the leaves of the beetroot, and just keep em growing!

    Pyrography looks nice too, what kind of tool do you use for that? I used to burn “Stuarts, hands off” into the plastic of my tools at work with a soldering iron. 🙂

  4. Didn’t know you could eat the leaves.. (total novice veggie grower, but enjoying it)!

    I use the Peter Child’s pyrography machine, have had it for 16 years and it’s great!

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