New things on the go.. and bugs!

caterpillar eggs, maybug, garden, vegetables Sunny today, so working in the garden. Pots are running short, so as soon as anything gets slightly bigger than weedy seedling I bung it in the ground and cross my fingers, today the tomatoes got a chance to progress on, well, 29 of them did, the other variety will have to wait a while 😀

While we were happily getting all composty, we spotted a strange – rather large – creature we had never seen before. Off to trusty Facebook to upload the photo and within minutes lovely friends had informed me it was a cockchafer, also known as a Maybug. The Boy has been enthralled with it, but very sad that they apparently live for only one day.

We then noticed a little group of eggs on one of our plants (cabbage/sprout or cauli – I’d obviously run out of sticks to tag them). We will sacrifice this plant, and keep it somewhere safe so that we can watch the caterpillars emerge, did I mention the extreme bug love that goes on at our house..?!

purse, poppy, brooch And here’s a quick look at a couple of new things I’ve been working on, the poppy piece on green and cream will become a clutch, and the other is a brooch 😀

After mainly doing pyrography for the last couple of weeks, it appears my sewing mojo is returning.

Phew. 😀

Edit: After reading a bit more, it seems that it’s Mayflies that only live a day, and the beastie we found can live a month or more. The Boy is going to think it’s a miracle if it’s still going strong tomorrow! Yay!

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  1. yes mayflies are the ones that live for a day..i got that one wrong :o) its great my lad whos 16 now absolutely loved what we called ‘bats n bugs’ he still likes em but too macho to admit it now…shame they grow up!

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