Charity shop baaaargains!

charity shop, bargains, yeehahWe are often to be found mooching the charity shops, here are a few of our latest finds!

We got a Horrible Science Blood Bones and Body Bits (minus the plaster of paris, which we have lots of, so no probs) I got a bag full of buttons for 50p and a lovely vintage book of doll dressmaking – costing 25shillings.. I <3 it

2 Replies to “Charity shop baaaargains!”

  1. your fullsize pics are way too big for my pintsize netbook! 😉

    Love the bargains though, I do love a good mooch around a charity shop 🙂

  2. Sorry Jax! (this one is too big even for my pc – will make them smaller in future) 😀

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