Wedding Socks for Madam Salami

Wedding socks for Madam Salami, yarn by Puddytatpurr

So, here are the second pair in my #12socks challenge – the first pair of knee-highs I’ve ever made (and possibly the last)!

They were made for my friend, Madam Salami, for a wedding gift.

She chose the pattern Lakeside by Julia Vaconsin, which was a very easy pattern to follow, and she chose yarn by Puddytatpurr of Fluffosity, who dyed up the colours she wanted as her wedding gift, and posted it off to me to be knitted into the socks.

Really hope you like them!

Twelve Socks

A few days ago I noticed the #12sock tag on Twitter. Following a few links I found this gorgeous photo of a drawer full of hand-made socks on 12 Sock Project Blog. The idea being to make twelve pairs of socks over twelve months.

Now, I may have mentioned my love of hand-made socks once or twice, so I decided to join in (not that I need anything more on my to do list, but.. you know…)

So, I rooted around my box of yarn I’d been saving for socks and decided to start with a purple pair, I chose to knit Monkey Socks, by Cookie A.

The first attempt were too big, the second attempt too small, the third attempt are still a little too big, but I am NOT knitting them again. I blame my cat, who chewed up the bamboo dpn’s in the size I needed. The pattern was very well written and easy to follow, the only problem I had with it was when it was very late, I was very tired, and was reading Sl1 as S11.. and wondering what on earth S11 meant.. *rolls eyes*

So, my first pair are done.. Think I will do Hedera next 😀