Blanket completion!

The blanket is finally done! In between Christmas, and all the last minute gift-making that entails, to the start of a family full of flu from Boxing Day, I managed to get back into the swing of the blanket, flying through the last half of it and completing the edging with a small, sick, child asleep on my knee beneath it.

It was received with great delight and is firmly settled on the bed of The Boy, who uses it for extra cuddles when he’s in bed – after I told him that every stitch is filled with love, and there are thousands of stitches, the blanket appears to have taken on magical qualities 😀

The cat is quite partial to it aswell..

I love making blankets, and feel quite lost now I don’t have one on the go, will have to start planning the next one now!

The blanket is a pattern by Lucy of Attic24, and you can see it, and more pictures, on my Ravelry page

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