Ducks at my window

Cock-a-leekie bathroom blindBlind made with fabric taken from stashThe house is a decorating work in progress.. again.. though this time it is going white throughout – I love how fresh white walls look. The latest room to be done was the downstairs bathroom. Now, both bathrooms have always had bamboo blinds, but never had any other window covering, and they always looked a little ‘unfinished’ so (after, ooh.. 4 years or so) I finally got round to making outer blinds for the windows.

I loosely followed this tutorial from Jen Duncan but I had to bodge adapt it a little, as I couldn’t find the weights for the bottom of the blinds (so used thin dowelling I had hanging about the place instead) and also I wanted the blinds attached outside of the windows, rather than inside, especially as above both windows there was already a strip of wood – presumably from previous blind hanging.

I bought some beautiful fabric called Cock-a-Leekie – covered in fabulous green/black ducks and hens – for downstairs, and used some fabric from my stash for the upstairs. I backed them with blackout fabric, and I’m pretty pleased with them, I have to say! The only thing I don’t like was that sewing the little rings at the back means tiny slivers of light show through the blackout fabric, so I didn’t sew through both fabrics on the second blind, just the backing fabric, and that seems to have helped.

I have quite a bit of the Cock-a-Leekie fabric left, so expect some knitting/crochet rolls arriving in the shop soon 😀