A blanket, and a giveaway!

This is the latest blanket commission to be completed. I love the rich colours that were chosen for me to work with – it looked really vibrant when finished.

I’d not made such a detailed blanket before – each square had 7 rounds, there were 15 colours in all, and I wasn’t looking forward to weaving the ends in! I decided to crochet batches of 10 squares, then weave the ends in as I went, which seemed like a very slow process but had to be better than spending 5 days at the end sewing them all in – I ended up with over 200g of leftover ends!

Halfway through the blanket I needed to order more of a couple of colours I’d run out of, and while waiting for them to be delivered I played about with making some bunting. It has 6 triangles, with pretty pointy edging on each, and although the photo of it up at the window hasn’t captured the colours properly, it is the same colours as the blanket.

I think if I had a little girl there would be lots of this bunting about her room, but as I don’t, I’m offering this as a giveaway 😀

Just comment if you’d like it! (There are no rules such as RT or ‘Share’ but if you’d like to, that would be great :D) I’ll draw a random name in a fortnight or so.

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered 🙂

19 Replies to “A blanket, and a giveaway!”

  1. hi ,

    I love crochet and bunting!! I would love this for my little lilys room who is three next week!
    Funnily enough she is currently wandering round with some bunting round her waist as she is a fairy! 🙂
    Michelle and Lily x

  2. What a lovely giveaway!! I’d love to win it and hang it in what will be my new office/spare room when its finally done 🙂

  3. Love Love Love!!! Then again I love all your stuff :op I think it would look fab up in sproggits room along with her knitted bunting.

  4. Love the bunting!! Absolutely gorgeous! It’d look fab above my bed 😛
    I crocheted my mum a double bed sized blanket last year and left the weaving in until the end. It took forever!!

  5. I’d love it. I would take it with me to Kent at Christmas and adorn one of the little girls’ bedrooms. I’m sure that they would love it. Well done! It’s ages since I did any crochet…

  6. What a lovely idea, with a new baby on the way I would love to learn to Crochet but I just never seem to have the time fingers crossed x

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