Treats for me!

I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas? 😀

As usual, it’s been lovely but hectic here, trying to get everything done last minute, even though I vow I will be more organised every year!

I don’t know about you, but I end up so busy trying to make everything perfect for everyone else, that it sometimes feels that none of it is for me at all (apart from the stressing/cooking/washing up etc)!

To rectify this, on Boxing Day while everyone else was engrossed in a film, I sneaked off to have a little peace and quiet, and to use some of my lovely new fabric – for me!

Now usually when I’m sewing, it’s for the shop, so it felt quite indulgent to be making things for myself!

And here they are, my pretty new pillowcases, cheering up my bed – and I love them 😀

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