Sock monster

Ahh handknit socks, I do love them 😀

It’s been freezing here again lately, and I hadn’t made a pair of socks for a while so I had a rummage through my stash to see what sock yarns I had left (not many, must rectify that ;o)) and got started. And, as you can see, I got the sock bug again, and couldn’t stop! More pics and notes available in my Ravelry projects.

I have fully sated the sock monster in me now though and sock knitting has turned into making another crochet blanket, and plenty of sewing – more crochet rolls coming to my Etsy shop soon.

Missing Millie

It’s been three years now.

It alternates between feeling like it’s been forever, to feeling like it was only yesterday.

Both are horrible, empty feelings.

I miss you.

Thank you for being so wonderful. So strong, so brave.

Thank you for being an incredible Nain, full of wisdom and love.

Thank you for everything you showed me, taught me, instilled in me.

Thank you for being so warm, so happy, always ready with a hug.

Thank you for everything you did, for every one of us.

I love you x