Missing Millie

It’s been three years now.

It alternates between feeling like it’s been forever, to feeling like it was only yesterday.

Both are horrible, empty feelings.

I miss you.

Thank you for being so wonderful. So strong, so brave.

Thank you for being an incredible Nain, full of wisdom and love.

Thank you for everything you showed me, taught me, instilled in me.

Thank you for being so warm, so happy, always ready with a hug.

Thank you for everything you did, for every one of us.

I love you x

6 Replies to “Missing Millie”

  1. How lovely… I hadn’t realised that Millie was your Nain (northern Welsh according to Welsh OH) Wishing you a great 2012, Pip

  2. Lovely words and heartfelt. I am sure she knew that she was loved and you will carry that love always x

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