These are some of the latest things to be made around here – Pokemon pencil cases 😀

I’d been playing around with different size zipped cases while testing some things out for the shop when Boy asked for a new pencil case. I dug out some black Pokemon fabric I’d had been saving to make him something with for ages and spent the evening making him one. Since then he’s asked if I can make some for his friends (there is a lot of Pokemon love around here!) so I tweaked the sizing a little, sorted out a few things I wasn’t happy with on his first version – like adding interfacing, and I’m really pleased with how these two have turned out.

Now back to sorting out the ideas for the shop!

2 Replies to “Pokemon!”

  1. Hey! I love the one on the left, don’t seem to have it in your Etsy store, is there any way I could plead you to revive the product, I’d love to buy one! (Being serious, don’t want to mess you around)

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