My polka dot wardrobes!

Our house is a constant work in progress, as anyone who reads this blog knows, and the latest things to be crossed off the enormous to-do list are my wardrobes.

I bought two plain pine, unfinished, wardrobes ooh.. 3/4 years ago, with the intention of painting them, and just hadn’t got round to it, but finally they are finished!

I started off just painting them white, but the doors lacked something, so I dug out some polka dot wallpaper I’d bought years ago (for the bargain price of 50p a roll!) and tried putting a piece in each of the doors, it just puts a little finishing touch to them that I really like.

So, from plain pine, to white and dotty. My bedroom is fairly small so now they are painted, white against white walls, they give the appearance of a little more space, and I love them 😀

Having done these, I’ve now got another couple of projects in mind for some other furniture that has had better days..