Happy New Year!

Hi 😀

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas, it was an enjoyable one here, but hectic, and every day felt like a Sunday for weeks!

There was a bit of sadness that the custom order Little Red Riding Hood set went missing for about 6 weeks, but the customer was lovely, and very understanding, and thankfully it turned up just after New Year – phew!

I’ve been looking into my family tree this year – with some very interesting and unexpected surprises – and on my (email) Christmas card list, I had an extra eight distant relatives to send to! I’ve met, and am lucky to be related to, some of the most lovely people in my search for the past.

And then to top it off, we had a bit of snow, announced to me as I woke, by B singing ‘It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas’ (on the 18th January :D) so yesterday was spent with him scraping up everything he could find (we don’t get much here) to make a stash of snowballs – and I love the snowflake shot I managed to get – happy days!