Family ties

Over the last year I’ve been looking into my family history and researching my ancestors. It has been such an interesting thing to do, has given me a deeper sense of belonging, and an appreciation of just how many hundreds of years of Welsh-ness I have behind and within me 😀

I’ve loved tracing generation after generation of my grandfathers who were blacksmiths, and am hoping to have a go at it myself sometime. I also found grandfathers working in the slate quarries, so The Boy and I visited Llanberis slate museum, where he was chosen to participate in the demonstration – watching my Boy working and splitting the slate, as our ancestors would have done, was just lovely!

And these little beauties in the photo came to me from my Nain – Millie. They were passed down through the family and were originally her grandmothers, so my great, great grandmother. I love how the paint is worn on the darning mushroom, imagining the hands that have held it over the years. The snips are prettily decorated on the handles, but totally blunt, they sit together on a shelf looking beautiful though.

It has been such a pleasure discovering the lives of the men and women who have gone before, and finding new relatives that I didn’t know existed until I started this. I’m looking forward to finding out more.

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