Twospoons Continuing with the family tree leads me to search out ever more things, the latest has been finding that I have ancestors who worked in Penrhyn Quarry, so a trip to the Slate Museum at Llanberis was planned.

It was a lovely day, very interesting with lots to see, and watching my Boy participate in the demonstration, and split the slate like our ancestors would have done, was fantastic and gave me goosepimples along with a big grin!

Aside from all the wonderful, atmospheric old photos and tools, I also spotted a lovespoon made of slate, which I was absolutely smitten with – such a beautiful object! I have always been interested in Welsh traditions, and never moreso than since I started researching our family history, and always happy to take on a new craft, I decided I needed to make a love spoon, as you do 😀

I set about researching how to do this, and along the way met a very talented woodcrafter – Bryn Jones, of Bryn Jones Woodcraft who helped me enormously. My first spoon was made as a house-warming gift for a very good friend.

My Uncle then took the challenge one step further, and made the absolutely beautiful slate spoon shown next to my wooden one. With over a hundred hours in his, I don’t think I’d have the skill, knowledge or patience to try slate, but I’m bowled over by it!