Custom order Knitting Roll

Red flower custom order Etsy I have just completed my first order through Etsy’s ‘Request Custom Order’ button, as opposed to through private messages.

The order was from a lovely customer, who had seen a crochet roll in my shop in a fabric she liked, she asked if I could make a knitting roll in the same fabric. A quick look through the fabric cupboard and I found just enough left to make one, phew!

Having never used the ‘Custom Order’ process before, I didn’t really know what to expect but it was nice and simple, and I’m pleased to say it all went smoothly, and now I’m off to the Post Office with it!


These are some of the latest things to be made around here – Pokemon pencil cases 😀

I’d been playing around with different size zipped cases while testing some things out for the shop when Boy asked for a new pencil case. I dug out some black Pokemon fabric I’d had been saving to make him something with for ages and spent the evening making him one. Since then he’s asked if I can make some for his friends (there is a lot of Pokemon love around here!) so I tweaked the sizing a little, sorted out a few things I wasn’t happy with on his first version – like adding interfacing, and I’m really pleased with how these two have turned out.

Now back to sorting out the ideas for the shop!

One Boy and his Den

My Boy is a big lover of dens, usually with the airer and a sheet, but they inevitably fall down and cause much frustration, so with this in mind, when it came to choosing a new bed we chose a midsleeper with plenty of room underneath for ‘den space’.

They were selling ready made den curtains for underneath, but they weren’t very nice and I’m always loathe to buy something I can make myself so armed with mountains of calico and some stripey fabric by Prestigious I made a start.

I wanted it to be nice and light inside, but with the option to have it entirely private if he should want, so I put in two windows using clear vinyl (not much fun to sew, but using tissue paper inbetween the vinyl and the sewing machine helped) and I put up stripey blinds which can be rolled up and held open with little tags and velcro. The door also can be rolled up.

The organiser at the end of the bed has four pockets, so he doesn’t have to be up and down the ladder in the evenings each time he wants to change a book, or put his drawing pad/DS etc away.

The curtains complete the room, well.. almost! I have a small amount of fabric left, so will make a couple of floor cushions for comfy den sitting.

I’m really pleased with how it’s all turned out, and Boy is over the moon. Happy house 😀

Treats for me!

I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas? 😀

As usual, it’s been lovely but hectic here, trying to get everything done last minute, even though I vow I will be more organised every year!

I don’t know about you, but I end up so busy trying to make everything perfect for everyone else, that it sometimes feels that none of it is for me at all (apart from the stressing/cooking/washing up etc)!

To rectify this, on Boxing Day while everyone else was engrossed in a film, I sneaked off to have a little peace and quiet, and to use some of my lovely new fabric – for me!

Now usually when I’m sewing, it’s for the shop, so it felt quite indulgent to be making things for myself!

And here they are, my pretty new pillowcases, cheering up my bed – and I love them 😀

Lovely new fabric!

Got some new fabric today (to add to the stack I already have..)

Cherries, tattoo fabric, animals, skulls.. oh yes, and a definate leaning towards red lately! I am particularly taken with the strawberries 😀

Now to get busy making.. First some pirate bunting I think!