Happy Hoodie

Ivor I’ve recently finished this hoodie, requested by my friend, Ivor, of Tudor House.

He had given me a few ideas of the sort of thing he wanted, so we looked through some patterns that I thought would work, and he picked the lovely ‘Hooded Jacket (for men) by Patons.

I used the pattern as a base, but made quite a few alterations, to suit the way I prefer to work, such as knitting it in the round as opposed to doing the back and fronts separately (it made working the pockets slightly confusing, not least because I had about 5 circulars holding various bits and bobs at times). I also chose to knit both sleeves at the same time, on one circ, as I thought I might get ‘second sleeve syndrome’ and not want to start the second when I’d finally completed the first!

The original pattern called for a zip, but Ivor wanted buttons (and it finished in time for a holiday, with no way of me getting a zip in time!) so I set about knitting button bands, which saw lots of me crouched over it with a tape measure and lots of markers, scratching my head and puzzling my way through knitting maths – I was so proud/pleased that it all worked out so well!

It is the largest thing I’ve ever knitted, that wasn’t a blanket (Ivor is about 6’4″), it didn’t take too long, maybe a little less than a month, but I did work on it A LOT in that time. I’m really happy with how it worked out, and I think you can see that Ivor is too!

You can see more pics of it on my Ravelry page.


These are some of the latest things to be made around here – Pokemon pencil cases 😀

I’d been playing around with different size zipped cases while testing some things out for the shop when Boy asked for a new pencil case. I dug out some black Pokemon fabric I’d had been saving to make him something with for ages and spent the evening making him one. Since then he’s asked if I can make some for his friends (there is a lot of Pokemon love around here!) so I tweaked the sizing a little, sorted out a few things I wasn’t happy with on his first version – like adding interfacing, and I’m really pleased with how these two have turned out.

Now back to sorting out the ideas for the shop!

Snapdragon goodies.

The lovely Jane, of Snapdragon has been running a few giveaways lately, clearing out old stock, one offs, items that didn’t make the final cut etc, and I was lucky enough to receive some goodies 😀

The package arrived and the first thing I noticed was the lovely address label. Upon opening it there was a beautiful catalogue, full of colourful, gorgeous photos, which made me long for the day that I am so organised with my own, very new, business!

Then, unwrapping the tissue paper, there was my lovely machine embroidered piece, complete with black cat strolling across it.. I don’t know what I will make it into yet, but it will be something for my bedroom, something just for me 😀

There was also a piece of fulled wool, for me to have a go at machine embroidery on. As this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, this seems like the perfect push towards it!

Thank you so much Jane, I really appreciate your generosity and your lovely work, you’ve inspired me to try new things.

You can find Snapdragon on Facebook
Or take a look at the Website
Or the Blog

Look what I won!

How cute are these little Chinese Luck Cats?!

I entered a giveaway held by Sooz at The Bead Shed and was delighted to see a post yesterday saying I’d won 😀

And like the speed of light, these little beauties came through my door this morning.. They are so lovely, at just over half an inch tall they are tiny little bits of gorgeousness. I have no idea what they will adorn yet, but they are sitting on the shelves in my sewing area waiting to inspire me, and making me smile every time I look at them!

Thank you so much Sooz! 😀

Ooh it’s been a while..

Well where to start?.. It’s been far too long since I updated, so lets see..

Obviously we had the usual mad run up to Christmas, in between making a large custom order of monkeys, and the even larger order for little girl’s handbag sets (pics in the previous post) I also set about making as many Christmas presents as possible, I think I ended up making 4 pairs of socks, 4 scarves/neckwarmers, 2 pairs of wristwarmers, and more besides no doubt, but my memory fails me.. Next year I’ll be more organised, and not try to complete everything in the last week, although I say that every year!

I participated in a ‘Secret Santa’ over at Misi, I was chosen to make a gift for Amy from Ciren’s Call, so made a scarf & wristwarmer set, which she tells me she really likes, and uses almost daily, which I was so pleased to hear! I also put a couple of gifts in for Peaches, her little rescue dog, which were scoffed quickly! Please check out Amy’s beautiful jewellery, she donates her proceeds to the rescue organisation she got Peaches from, so gorgeous jewellery that supports a very good cause!

I was lucky enough to receive a very pretty glass pendant as my Secret Santa gift, from Rachel of GlamGlassGifts, thank you Rachel!


I was also lucky enough to win some gorgeous loveheart magnets from Vicki at Lilley’s Handcrafted Lovelies I love everything Vicki makes, so was over the moon with these!

So, after the lovely gift giving/receiving, I then had to put up with technology conspiring against me.. my sewing machine started behaving erratically, then my main computer started making awful noises, so I have been trying to fix these things.. I wish things would just work, I don’t have time for fixing! In between the hectic normality, and trying to make enough stock for my first two craft fairs which are coming up soon, I have been busy trying to get my business plan together, and get to grips with cashflow spreadsheets, (thank you Gordon). And non-craft related drudge like wallpapering and removing leylandii! So, now you can see why the blog has been a little neglected, but I’ll try harder (a clone would come in soo handy sometimes)!

See you soon! 😀

Christmas shopping..

Well, I thought I should make a start on it, so spent an evening mooching around on Misi when I spotted a gorgeous ring I’ve had my eye on for a while..

It arrived today, look – how pretty!

Kerry from pennydog creates beautiful items, with £1 from every item purchased going to the Retired Greyhound Trust. Why don’t you go take a look, and pick up some Christmas presents.. That reminds me.. must carry on with my shopping, so far I’ve only bought for myself!