Lovers Knot Blanket


I’ve seen lots of snuggly, knitted blankets in the shops recently, but of course why buy when you can make, right?!

I found a pattern I liked – Lovers Knot by Lionbrand – but I did make a couple of changes to it, the main one being to alter one of the cable patterns that I wasn’t keen on.

It took a lot of knitting time, and being cables it meant that it required concentration at all times, so not a mindless knit in front of the telly, but here it is, finished, and I love it!

It lives on the back of the settee, and is pulled down on a regular basis, it’s soft and warm, and great for sitting under to watch a film with the little one (and more often than not, Wilf too)!

More details on my Ravelry page.

Welcome, Wilf Whippet!

Wilf Whippet We have a new member of the family – please welcome the lovely Wilf Whippet!

Wilf came into my life totally unexpectedly, I hadn’t been looking for another dog, but I met Wilf out of the blue and fell in love.

He’s adorable – a cheeky, loving, little bundle of mischief. He has chewed up my favourite shoes, nibbled through the lead on my mouse (took me a while to work out why my computer wasn’t working!) he has a fondness for yarn, and has claimed my soft, snuggly dressing gown as his favourite place to sleep. He follows me round and likes to be close at all times. For all his puppy mischief, he’s a fabulous dog (but I’m looking forward to the teething stage to be over)!

As whippets have very little fur, they can get chilly in the colder months. As he’s growing rapidly, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a variety of coats to see him through to his full size, so I decided to make him a little fleecy one to keep him going for now – he may not look especially happy in the photo, but he doesn’t mind wearing it at all, he certainly prefers it over shivering when the wind gets a bit nippy!

I also pyrographed him a collar, it’s still a bit big for him, but it’s ready for when he’s full-grown, which may feel like a lifetime away at the moment, but I know his puppiness will be gone in a flash.


I finished my ripple blanket! I used up all of my stash of this particular yarn (and had to buy a little more to finish it..).
I rippled and rippled then grannied until it would hang over the bed.
I love it, so warm, so colourful, so stripey 😀

Pattern, and incredibly detailed photo tutorial, by Lucy at Attic24.
Ripple blanket

Learning Crocodile Stitch

Crocodile stitch cushion cover I love finding new, unusual crochet stitches to add to my general granny-ing, and crocodile stitch was definitely on my list of new ones to learn. As it heads towards Autumn, the yearning to fill my home with soft yarny warmth increases, so I settled down to really get my head around this pattern.

I tried a couple of times just by following written instructions, but it just wasn’t clicking until I read this post, the video linked within it really helped me to work it out.

It is quite slow going, and uses a massive amount of yarn – this one cushion cover took about 400g of aran weight – but it produces a dense, tactile fabric that works really well to hold it’s shape. I backed it with a pale grey woollen fabric so both sides are equally soft.

Here it is at the start, and the end, together with my Blooming Flower Cushion, pattern by Attic24, and a quick teal blanket.

My new cute kitchen!

The latest project 😀

I’d been toying with the idea of making our kitchen much prettier, and more functional, for a while now, but have only recently got round to making it happen. We have a long kitchen with space for a table at the end, but the enormous table I had there previously meant that there wasn’t enough room for chairs all around it, only a bench at one side, not the ideal for a nice relaxed meal – sitting in a row, facing the wall!

I had an idea of what I wanted – a small square drop-leaf table, so I could have it all different sizes, to accommodate various things – small for sitting and sewing, or a meal for two, or much larger for family get-togethers. Topped off with pretty gingham tablecloths, jugs of flowers, candles and general twee girliness 😀

I’d looked around a few charity shops, with my specific wants in mind, and saw a couple of tables, but nothing was quite right, so off I went to the local Thursday flea market, with a feeling I’d get what I wanted there.. and I did! I found a beautiful old oak table, with gorgeous carved legs, which extended to the size of our old table, but also could be made very small (shown in the picture with one side open). On the same stall there was a set of four chairs, tatty, but with such a gorgeous curvy shape to them. I got both the table and chairs for £20! Oh I do love a good bargain!

I recovered the chairs in bright, bold patterns, hemmed a quick tablecloth and it’s all good to go. It makes the space much more useable, and looks pretty and fresh in the daytime, and cosy and welcoming in the evening, when it’s lit by candles and fairy lights. Perfect.

Sideboard revival

Look at the sorry state of my old sideboard.. Used for many things in it’s time, sewing table, computer desk, keeper of ‘stuff’, it had seen better days and was scraped up and scruffy.

I’d tried woodstains, and similar colour paints but with it being a laquer type finish, where it was scratched you could see the dip in the surface. I had to face it, I was going to have to sand it down and start again. Have I mentioned how much I dislike sanding? Grr.

But look, look! A few coats of white paint, a couple of bits of wallpaper and it’s like new again, yay 😀

My polka dot wardrobes!

Our house is a constant work in progress, as anyone who reads this blog knows, and the latest things to be crossed off the enormous to-do list are my wardrobes.

I bought two plain pine, unfinished, wardrobes ooh.. 3/4 years ago, with the intention of painting them, and just hadn’t got round to it, but finally they are finished!

I started off just painting them white, but the doors lacked something, so I dug out some polka dot wallpaper I’d bought years ago (for the bargain price of 50p a roll!) and tried putting a piece in each of the doors, it just puts a little finishing touch to them that I really like.

So, from plain pine, to white and dotty. My bedroom is fairly small so now they are painted, white against white walls, they give the appearance of a little more space, and I love them 😀

Having done these, I’ve now got another couple of projects in mind for some other furniture that has had better days..

One Boy and his Den

My Boy is a big lover of dens, usually with the airer and a sheet, but they inevitably fall down and cause much frustration, so with this in mind, when it came to choosing a new bed we chose a midsleeper with plenty of room underneath for ‘den space’.

They were selling ready made den curtains for underneath, but they weren’t very nice and I’m always loathe to buy something I can make myself so armed with mountains of calico and some stripey fabric by Prestigious I made a start.

I wanted it to be nice and light inside, but with the option to have it entirely private if he should want, so I put in two windows using clear vinyl (not much fun to sew, but using tissue paper inbetween the vinyl and the sewing machine helped) and I put up stripey blinds which can be rolled up and held open with little tags and velcro. The door also can be rolled up.

The organiser at the end of the bed has four pockets, so he doesn’t have to be up and down the ladder in the evenings each time he wants to change a book, or put his drawing pad/DS etc away.

The curtains complete the room, well.. almost! I have a small amount of fabric left, so will make a couple of floor cushions for comfy den sitting.

I’m really pleased with how it’s all turned out, and Boy is over the moon. Happy house 😀