Happy Hoodie

Ivor I’ve recently finished this hoodie, requested by my friend, Ivor, of Tudor House.

He had given me a few ideas of the sort of thing he wanted, so we looked through some patterns that I thought would work, and he picked the lovely ‘Hooded Jacket (for men) by Patons.

I used the pattern as a base, but made quite a few alterations, to suit the way I prefer to work, such as knitting it in the round as opposed to doing the back and fronts separately (it made working the pockets slightly confusing, not least because I had about 5 circulars holding various bits and bobs at times). I also chose to knit both sleeves at the same time, on one circ, as I thought I might get ‘second sleeve syndrome’ and not want to start the second when I’d finally completed the first!

The original pattern called for a zip, but Ivor wanted buttons (and it finished in time for a holiday, with no way of me getting a zip in time!) so I set about knitting button bands, which saw lots of me crouched over it with a tape measure and lots of markers, scratching my head and puzzling my way through knitting maths – I was so proud/pleased that it all worked out so well!

It is the largest thing I’ve ever knitted, that wasn’t a blanket (Ivor is about 6’4″), it didn’t take too long, maybe a little less than a month, but I did work on it A LOT in that time. I’m really happy with how it worked out, and I think you can see that Ivor is too!

You can see more pics of it on my Ravelry page.

Lovers Knot Blanket


I’ve seen lots of snuggly, knitted blankets in the shops recently, but of course why buy when you can make, right?!

I found a pattern I liked – Lovers Knot by Lionbrand – but I did make a couple of changes to it, the main one being to alter one of the cable patterns that I wasn’t keen on.

It took a lot of knitting time, and being cables it meant that it required concentration at all times, so not a mindless knit in front of the telly, but here it is, finished, and I love it!

It lives on the back of the settee, and is pulled down on a regular basis, it’s soft and warm, and great for sitting under to watch a film with the little one (and more often than not, Wilf too)!

More details on my Ravelry page.

Welcome, Wilf Whippet!

Wilf Whippet We have a new member of the family – please welcome the lovely Wilf Whippet!

Wilf came into my life totally unexpectedly, I hadn’t been looking for another dog, but I met Wilf out of the blue and fell in love.

He’s adorable – a cheeky, loving, little bundle of mischief. He has chewed up my favourite shoes, nibbled through the lead on my mouse (took me a while to work out why my computer wasn’t working!) he has a fondness for yarn, and has claimed my soft, snuggly dressing gown as his favourite place to sleep. He follows me round and likes to be close at all times. For all his puppy mischief, he’s a fabulous dog (but I’m looking forward to the teething stage to be over)!

As whippets have very little fur, they can get chilly in the colder months. As he’s growing rapidly, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a variety of coats to see him through to his full size, so I decided to make him a little fleecy one to keep him going for now – he may not look especially happy in the photo, but he doesn’t mind wearing it at all, he certainly prefers it over shivering when the wind gets a bit nippy!

I also pyrographed him a collar, it’s still a bit big for him, but it’s ready for when he’s full-grown, which may feel like a lifetime away at the moment, but I know his puppiness will be gone in a flash.

New mittens

Fox mitts

Space Invader mitts I love making gloves (it’s totally taken over from making socks, which I never wore for fear of getting a hole in them!) but all of mine were fingerless and lately it’s been really cold. I needed warm fingers and when I found these Fox in the Snow mittens I decided they were the ones.

I tweaked the pattern a little, and they were quite faffy to make, requiring lots of concentration, but now they are finished I’m really happy with them, so cute!

Boy also needed new mittens, he chose these lovely Space Invader mitts, I tweaked the design again, as he too needed warm fingers, and he loves them, yay.

Now we just need some proper snow!

Family ties

Over the last year I’ve been looking into my family history and researching my ancestors. It has been such an interesting thing to do, has given me a deeper sense of belonging, and an appreciation of just how many hundreds of years of Welsh-ness I have behind and within me 😀

I’ve loved tracing generation after generation of my grandfathers who were blacksmiths, and am hoping to have a go at it myself sometime. I also found grandfathers working in the slate quarries, so The Boy and I visited Llanberis slate museum, where he was chosen to participate in the demonstration – watching my Boy working and splitting the slate, as our ancestors would have done, was just lovely!

And these little beauties in the photo came to me from my Nain – Millie. They were passed down through the family and were originally her grandmothers, so my great, great grandmother. I love how the paint is worn on the darning mushroom, imagining the hands that have held it over the years. The snips are prettily decorated on the handles, but totally blunt, they sit together on a shelf looking beautiful though.

It has been such a pleasure discovering the lives of the men and women who have gone before, and finding new relatives that I didn’t know existed until I started this. I’m looking forward to finding out more.

Red Riding Hood – I love you!

Knitting project bag and zipped pouch This weekend I was contacted by a customer who had bought a Red Riding Hood Crochet Roll from me last month, asking if I could make a zip pouch and a knitting project bag in the same fabric for her.

This morning they have been listed in my Etsy shop – what do you think?

I’m really pleased with them – I love this fabric! – and they definitely go into the list of ‘things I make which I’d rather not part with’! 😀

Making a start..

This year I am determined not to leave all my Christmas gift knitting til the last week, and so I’ve made a start.

I’m making Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang – a beautiful pattern.

They are a seriously fiddly knit, not difficult but requiring a lot of concentration – no mindless stocking stitch in front of the telly! – but I love them, really really love them.. Love them so much I almost don’t want to give them away!

You can see more pics here in my Ravelry projects.

Sock monster

Ahh handknit socks, I do love them 😀

It’s been freezing here again lately, and I hadn’t made a pair of socks for a while so I had a rummage through my stash to see what sock yarns I had left (not many, must rectify that ;o)) and got started. And, as you can see, I got the sock bug again, and couldn’t stop! More pics and notes available in my Ravelry projects.

I have fully sated the sock monster in me now though and sock knitting has turned into making another crochet blanket, and plenty of sewing – more crochet rolls coming to my Etsy shop soon.