Welcome, Wilf Whippet!

Wilf Whippet We have a new member of the family – please welcome the lovely Wilf Whippet!

Wilf came into my life totally unexpectedly, I hadn’t been looking for another dog, but I met Wilf out of the blue and fell in love.

He’s adorable – a cheeky, loving, little bundle of mischief. He has chewed up my favourite shoes, nibbled through the lead on my mouse (took me a while to work out why my computer wasn’t working!) he has a fondness for yarn, and has claimed my soft, snuggly dressing gown as his favourite place to sleep. He follows me round and likes to be close at all times. For all his puppy mischief, he’s a fabulous dog (but I’m looking forward to the teething stage to be over)!

As whippets have very little fur, they can get chilly in the colder months. As he’s growing rapidly, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a variety of coats to see him through to his full size, so I decided to make him a little fleecy one to keep him going for now – he may not look especially happy in the photo, but he doesn’t mind wearing it at all, he certainly prefers it over shivering when the wind gets a bit nippy!

I also pyrographed him a collar, it’s still a bit big for him, but it’s ready for when he’s full-grown, which may feel like a lifetime away at the moment, but I know his puppiness will be gone in a flash.

Remembrance plaques

The latest commission I’ve had has been these plaques.

I’ve done quite a few in the past, usually for childrens bedroom doors, but these are to commemorate two pets, and are to be placed alongside roses planted in their memory.

The only difference has been to varnish them in a tough, outdoor varnish to protect them from the elements – yacht varnish takes a lot longer to dry, and they’ve had a few coats, so they’ve taken a while to complete but the lady they are for is delighted with them.

The latest additions to our house..

We have Giant African Land Snails!

I wasn’t keen at first, but my youngest is insect/bug/slimey things obsessed! He loves finding them, and hates leaving them outside, so I thought this would be perfect. What I didn’t count on was how fascinating I would find them! They are huge, and really quite interesting.. who would have thought it! I decided to get two because I think it would be great for him to see the life cycle of the laying of eggs, the growth of tiny snails etc..

We are excitedly awaiting the delivery of the stick insects next week!