Playing with pyro

Leather pyro

I’ve been playing about with pyrography on different types of leather – here are a couple of recent test pieces.

I’ve pyrographed on leather before – you can see some of my previous work, bookmarks, on my Meg&Millie Facebook page, or in my pyro gallery.

Working on leather is a lot different to working on wood. It feels slightly more nerve-wracking – leather marks instantly, whereas with wood you can build up your line work a little slower, if you wish. Shading on leather is quite basic, you can’t gradually work a subtle shade on it, like you can with wood.

I think the main difference for me though, is the smell – not that leather has an unpleasant smell, but wood can give off such beautiful smells when you work with it, and of course each different wood has a different smell.

I enjoy working with both, it’s nice to have a wider range of material to work on, but I think wood wins for me.

More lovespoon designing

Swallow design

Pyro spoon start

Pyro spoon finished I have been designing more lovespoons to carve, and while I’ve been waiting for new lime wood to carve with, I’ve been playing about with a quick pyro of my craft spoon design.

I really enjoyed doing this, and I like how it turned out, it allowed me time to work out the best way to go about the carving of the craft spoon too.

Still, the real thing I’m itching to start is the carving of my Swallow tattoo spoon – it is my favourite design to date, and one I think that I will end up keeping for myself πŸ˜€

Remembrance plaques

The latest commission I’ve had has been these plaques.

I’ve done quite a few in the past, usually for childrens bedroom doors, but these are to commemorate two pets, and are to be placed alongside roses planted in their memory.

The only difference has been to varnish them in a tough, outdoor varnish to protect them from the elements – yacht varnish takes a lot longer to dry, and they’ve had a few coats, so they’ve taken a while to complete but the lady they are for is delighted with them.

Library Exhibition

I have my work displayed in the library again this month, so have been busy with the pyrography lately. I wanted to have some new and different things to display, and I think it’s worked out quite nicely this time, I’m pleased with how the pyrographed items look in the cabinet.

On the lower shelves I put in a sock monkey, a couple of my knitting/crochet rolls and a pram/lap blanket, to give an idea of the different things I make.

What do you think?

Local exhibition.

My work is being exhibited in the local library again this month, thanks to the lovely Natty Needles, who asked me if I’d like to exhibit alongside her.

This is the second time I’ve had my work displayed, and this time I chose to show mainly my red items, for a bit of festive cheer, so there are the little Gemini Monkeys, and Little Star Monkeys, pirate bunting, and a couple of my strawberry fabric bags, along with a few pyrography bits.

I have an exhibition again in March, I think I will concentrate on my pyrography for that one.

Updating the shop.

The shop is now up and running – you can have a look at it here, or browse individual categories through the menu on the left. It is still not fully stocked, but it’s slowly getting there – I’ve added the sock creatures, a few bags, some pyrography..

Latest products to be added have been the wooden magnets, perfect for those extra stocking fillers!

All available to buy directly from the website, through Paypal πŸ˜€

Colour in the garden, and crafting on the go

celtic knotwork designs

This is the latest ‘in progress’ piece – a celtic knotwork design on a long tray/dish/thingy.

I used to do a lot of knotwork designs, on strangely shaped things like guitars, and could whip up pieces of celtic to fit the curvy shapes fairly quickly, so although it’s been a while since I did a guitar, I figured a piece to fit the simple shape of this tray would be very quick and easy to do..


I’m so rusty at this knotwork lark, it took 3 attempts and numerous hours, and a bit of flouncing before I was finally happy with it, but here it is in progress at last!

It still needs a thicker ‘finishing’ outline added, and shading on the knotwork, but it should be done within the next couple of days.

Once finished it will be available to buy through my FB page.

And a few shots of the colour in my garden – as the majority of it is filled with vegetables, it’s nice to see these few brightly coloured flowers appear.

There is also an enormous poppy growing, at the last count there were 30+ buds on it, looking forward to seeing them start opening up πŸ˜€

As always, pics are clickable to view them fullsize.

Another Sockmonkey finds a new home

So we set off to the Post Office in the rain, wellies on ready for puddle jumping, to send the little stripey sockmonkey on the left to his new home – he is to be a birthday present for a little girl, and I hope he makes her very happy!

On the way we called into a local exhibition space, to enquire about having my pyrography on show/for sale there. It’s a lovely space, and has some brilliant works of art in there, amongst those were some bizarre/macabre dolls and horses – wish I’d got photos and the name of the artist, they were amazing! Had a lovely chat with the lady in there, while the Boy tested his voice in the echoey surroundings πŸ˜€

Also booked an exhibition space in the local library for next year, so should give me plenty of time to build up some more work!

So, off little monkey went.. His friend, on the right, is a little lonely now though, hopefully he’ll find a new home soon πŸ˜€

Other available creatures can be found on my Facebook page: >Here<

Edit: I have found out the creator of the dolls/horses is an artist called Badge πŸ˜€

You can see more of Badges work >Here<