Welcome, Wilf Whippet!

Wilf Whippet We have a new member of the family – please welcome the lovely Wilf Whippet!

Wilf came into my life totally unexpectedly, I hadn’t been looking for another dog, but I met Wilf out of the blue and fell in love.

He’s adorable – a cheeky, loving, little bundle of mischief. He has chewed up my favourite shoes, nibbled through the lead on my mouse (took me a while to work out why my computer wasn’t working!) he has a fondness for yarn, and has claimed my soft, snuggly dressing gown as his favourite place to sleep. He follows me round and likes to be close at all times. For all his puppy mischief, he’s a fabulous dog (but I’m looking forward to the teething stage to be over)!

As whippets have very little fur, they can get chilly in the colder months. As he’s growing rapidly, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a variety of coats to see him through to his full size, so I decided to make him a little fleecy one to keep him going for now – he may not look especially happy in the photo, but he doesn’t mind wearing it at all, he certainly prefers it over shivering when the wind gets a bit nippy!

I also pyrographed him a collar, it’s still a bit big for him, but it’s ready for when he’s full-grown, which may feel like a lifetime away at the moment, but I know his puppiness will be gone in a flash.

Custom order Knitting Roll

Red flower custom order Etsy I have just completed my first order through Etsy’s ‘Request Custom Order’ button, as opposed to through private messages.

The order was from a lovely customer, who had seen a crochet roll in my shop in a fabric she liked, she asked if I could make a knitting roll in the same fabric. A quick look through the fabric cupboard and I found just enough left to make one, phew!

Having never used the ‘Custom Order’ process before, I didn’t really know what to expect but it was nice and simple, and I’m pleased to say it all went smoothly, and now I’m off to the Post Office with it!

Red Riding Hood – I love you!

Knitting project bag and zipped pouch This weekend I was contacted by a customer who had bought a Red Riding Hood Crochet Roll from me last month, asking if I could make a zip pouch and a knitting project bag in the same fabric for her.

This morning they have been listed in my Etsy shop – what do you think?

I’m really pleased with them – I love this fabric! – and they definitely go into the list of ‘things I make which I’d rather not part with’! 😀


These are some of the latest things to be made around here – Pokemon pencil cases 😀

I’d been playing around with different size zipped cases while testing some things out for the shop when Boy asked for a new pencil case. I dug out some black Pokemon fabric I’d had been saving to make him something with for ages and spent the evening making him one. Since then he’s asked if I can make some for his friends (there is a lot of Pokemon love around here!) so I tweaked the sizing a little, sorted out a few things I wasn’t happy with on his first version – like adding interfacing, and I’m really pleased with how these two have turned out.

Now back to sorting out the ideas for the shop!

Sock monster

Ahh handknit socks, I do love them 😀

It’s been freezing here again lately, and I hadn’t made a pair of socks for a while so I had a rummage through my stash to see what sock yarns I had left (not many, must rectify that ;o)) and got started. And, as you can see, I got the sock bug again, and couldn’t stop! More pics and notes available in my Ravelry projects.

I have fully sated the sock monster in me now though and sock knitting has turned into making another crochet blanket, and plenty of sewing – more crochet rolls coming to my Etsy shop soon.

Treats for me!

I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas? 😀

As usual, it’s been lovely but hectic here, trying to get everything done last minute, even though I vow I will be more organised every year!

I don’t know about you, but I end up so busy trying to make everything perfect for everyone else, that it sometimes feels that none of it is for me at all (apart from the stressing/cooking/washing up etc)!

To rectify this, on Boxing Day while everyone else was engrossed in a film, I sneaked off to have a little peace and quiet, and to use some of my lovely new fabric – for me!

Now usually when I’m sewing, it’s for the shop, so it felt quite indulgent to be making things for myself!

And here they are, my pretty new pillowcases, cheering up my bed – and I love them 😀

Two pairs down, one to go..

As the weather started to get colder, I decided that the thin, unlined, summer curtains we had up just weren’t going to be enough to keep us that little bit warmer as the nights start drawing in.

It was time to tackle curtain making again!

I have made curtains in the past, but never a lined pair, and I had the added headache of having decided that thermal/blackout lining would be best to use – I had a couple of problems with this when I made the blinds – when you stitch through blackout fabric, you can see pinpricks of light coming through, not great when you’re a bit of a perfectionist!

I had a look at a few tutorials online, but these only served to confuse me more, so in the end I just went with the way I found easiest, probably not the professional way but I’m really pleased with how they turned out!

The grey pair in the lounge were made from scratch, using up a large amount of fabric I’d been given a while ago, and the flowery bedroom pair were originally a pair of handmade curtains I’d found in a charity shop, which I completely unpicked and re-did, including having to add a wide stripe of fabric at the bottom, to give them the length I wanted.

In making these, I learned how to blind hem on my machine, not something I’ve done before, so new curtains, and skills – bonus 😀

Just one pair to go now, for the small bedroom, then we’re all set.