Happy New Year!

Hi 😀

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas, it was an enjoyable one here, but hectic, and every day felt like a Sunday for weeks!

There was a bit of sadness that the custom order Little Red Riding Hood set went missing for about 6 weeks, but the customer was lovely, and very understanding, and thankfully it turned up just after New Year – phew!

I’ve been looking into my family tree this year – with some very interesting and unexpected surprises – and on my (email) Christmas card list, I had an extra eight distant relatives to send to! I’ve met, and am lucky to be related to, some of the most lovely people in my search for the past.

And then to top it off, we had a bit of snow, announced to me as I woke, by B singing ‘It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas’ (on the 18th January :D) so yesterday was spent with him scraping up everything he could find (we don’t get much here) to make a stash of snowballs – and I love the snowflake shot I managed to get – happy days!

Red Riding Hood – I love you!

Knitting project bag and zipped pouch This weekend I was contacted by a customer who had bought a Red Riding Hood Crochet Roll from me last month, asking if I could make a zip pouch and a knitting project bag in the same fabric for her.

This morning they have been listed in my Etsy shop – what do you think?

I’m really pleased with them – I love this fabric! – and they definitely go into the list of ‘things I make which I’d rather not part with’! 😀

Making a start..

This year I am determined not to leave all my Christmas gift knitting til the last week, and so I’ve made a start.

I’m making Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang – a beautiful pattern.

They are a seriously fiddly knit, not difficult but requiring a lot of concentration – no mindless stocking stitch in front of the telly! – but I love them, really really love them.. Love them so much I almost don’t want to give them away!

You can see more pics here in my Ravelry projects.

Remembrance plaques

The latest commission I’ve had has been these plaques.

I’ve done quite a few in the past, usually for childrens bedroom doors, but these are to commemorate two pets, and are to be placed alongside roses planted in their memory.

The only difference has been to varnish them in a tough, outdoor varnish to protect them from the elements – yacht varnish takes a lot longer to dry, and they’ve had a few coats, so they’ve taken a while to complete but the lady they are for is delighted with them.

Flowers and fairs

I’ve been making lots of little things, ready to go to craft fairs, and these flowers are my favourite so far.

I’ve loved making them, they are so quick and soothing to make, and I’ve loved watching the colour changes making up the different petals.

I just need to add felt backs and a brooch pin and they’re good to go.

Sideboard revival

Look at the sorry state of my old sideboard.. Used for many things in it’s time, sewing table, computer desk, keeper of ‘stuff’, it had seen better days and was scraped up and scruffy.

I’d tried woodstains, and similar colour paints but with it being a laquer type finish, where it was scratched you could see the dip in the surface. I had to face it, I was going to have to sand it down and start again. Have I mentioned how much I dislike sanding? Grr.

But look, look! A few coats of white paint, a couple of bits of wallpaper and it’s like new again, yay 😀

My polka dot wardrobes!

Our house is a constant work in progress, as anyone who reads this blog knows, and the latest things to be crossed off the enormous to-do list are my wardrobes.

I bought two plain pine, unfinished, wardrobes ooh.. 3/4 years ago, with the intention of painting them, and just hadn’t got round to it, but finally they are finished!

I started off just painting them white, but the doors lacked something, so I dug out some polka dot wallpaper I’d bought years ago (for the bargain price of 50p a roll!) and tried putting a piece in each of the doors, it just puts a little finishing touch to them that I really like.

So, from plain pine, to white and dotty. My bedroom is fairly small so now they are painted, white against white walls, they give the appearance of a little more space, and I love them 😀

Having done these, I’ve now got another couple of projects in mind for some other furniture that has had better days..


These are some of the latest things to be made around here – Pokemon pencil cases 😀

I’d been playing around with different size zipped cases while testing some things out for the shop when Boy asked for a new pencil case. I dug out some black Pokemon fabric I’d had been saving to make him something with for ages and spent the evening making him one. Since then he’s asked if I can make some for his friends (there is a lot of Pokemon love around here!) so I tweaked the sizing a little, sorted out a few things I wasn’t happy with on his first version – like adding interfacing, and I’m really pleased with how these two have turned out.

Now back to sorting out the ideas for the shop!

One Boy and his Den

My Boy is a big lover of dens, usually with the airer and a sheet, but they inevitably fall down and cause much frustration, so with this in mind, when it came to choosing a new bed we chose a midsleeper with plenty of room underneath for ‘den space’.

They were selling ready made den curtains for underneath, but they weren’t very nice and I’m always loathe to buy something I can make myself so armed with mountains of calico and some stripey fabric by Prestigious I made a start.

I wanted it to be nice and light inside, but with the option to have it entirely private if he should want, so I put in two windows using clear vinyl (not much fun to sew, but using tissue paper inbetween the vinyl and the sewing machine helped) and I put up stripey blinds which can be rolled up and held open with little tags and velcro. The door also can be rolled up.

The organiser at the end of the bed has four pockets, so he doesn’t have to be up and down the ladder in the evenings each time he wants to change a book, or put his drawing pad/DS etc away.

The curtains complete the room, well.. almost! I have a small amount of fabric left, so will make a couple of floor cushions for comfy den sitting.

I’m really pleased with how it’s all turned out, and Boy is over the moon. Happy house 😀

New Crochet Rolls

These are the latest crochet rolls to go into my Etsy shop 😀

They are my larger size, fitting 12 hooks, and still with extra pockets for scissors, darning needles and other crafty essentials.