Ooh it’s been a while..

Well where to start?.. It’s been far too long since I updated, so lets see..

Obviously we had the usual mad run up to Christmas, in between making a large custom order of monkeys, and the even larger order for little girl’s handbag sets (pics in the previous post) I also set about making as many Christmas presents as possible, I think I ended up making 4 pairs of socks, 4 scarves/neckwarmers, 2 pairs of wristwarmers, and more besides no doubt, but my memory fails me.. Next year I’ll be more organised, and not try to complete everything in the last week, although I say that every year!

I participated in a ‘Secret Santa’ over at Misi, I was chosen to make a gift for Amy from Ciren’s Call, so made a scarf & wristwarmer set, which she tells me she really likes, and uses almost daily, which I was so pleased to hear! I also put a couple of gifts in for Peaches, her little rescue dog, which were scoffed quickly! Please check out Amy’s beautiful jewellery, she donates her proceeds to the rescue organisation she got Peaches from, so gorgeous jewellery that supports a very good cause!

I was lucky enough to receive a very pretty glass pendant as my Secret Santa gift, from Rachel of GlamGlassGifts, thank you Rachel!


I was also lucky enough to win some gorgeous loveheart magnets from Vicki at Lilley’s Handcrafted Lovelies I love everything Vicki makes, so was over the moon with these!

So, after the lovely gift giving/receiving, I then had to put up with technology conspiring against me.. my sewing machine started behaving erratically, then my main computer started making awful noises, so I have been trying to fix these things.. I wish things would just work, I don’t have time for fixing! In between the hectic normality, and trying to make enough stock for my first two craft fairs which are coming up soon, I have been busy trying to get my business plan together, and get to grips with cashflow spreadsheets, (thank you Gordon). And non-craft related drudge like wallpapering and removing leylandii! So, now you can see why the blog has been a little neglected, but I’ll try harder (a clone would come in soo handy sometimes)!

See you soon! πŸ˜€

Feels like forever..

..that I have been working on these bag sets – fully lined, double-pocketed childrens handbags, complete with matching headbands and purses. They have been made for a childrens charity – hope you like them girls!

Christmas shopping..

Well, I thought I should make a start on it, so spent an evening mooching around on Misi when I spotted a gorgeous ring I’ve had my eye on for a while..

It arrived today, look – how pretty!

Kerry from pennydog creates beautiful items, with Β£1 from every item purchased going to the Retired Greyhound Trust. Why don’t you go take a look, and pick up some Christmas presents.. That reminds me.. must carry on with my shopping, so far I’ve only bought for myself!


Off they went…

Well, these Monkeys went off to their new home earlier this week. It was a bit strange to see them go – note to self: stop getting attached to EVERYTHING you make!

They went to a lovely lady though, so all was good.. but the update on these little guys is that they were too much temptation for the lady’s dog.. Oh dear… I have had word that they are bruised but ok.. πŸ˜€

..And the Winner is..

Thank you to everyone who entered my competition over at my Meg&Millie FB page, we have just picked a winner..

We decided to make use of our lovely pumpkin to draw the names out of, and the winner is…

Congratulations Eleanor! Please send me your details and the plaque will be with you soon.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and look out for more giveaways in the future πŸ˜€

10 Nov 09 – A quick shot of the plaque that Eleanor requested as her prize, it’s on its way to you now! πŸ˜€


I said I would have a competition when I reached 200 fans on my Facebook page, and now I have, so here we go!

I am offering a wooden plaque, with the name/quote of your choice (within reason.. I only have so much room) pyrographed onto it. All you need to do is leave a comment, telling me what you would choose to have on it if you won.. A name will be drawn at random on November 1st, so you have a week to enter, why not go over to my page and have a go.. Meg&Millie

Good luck! πŸ˜€

An example of a plaque that I’ve done previously: