Lovers Knot Blanket


I’ve seen lots of snuggly, knitted blankets in the shops recently, but of course why buy when you can make, right?!

I found a pattern I liked – Lovers Knot by Lionbrand – but I did make a couple of changes to it, the main one being to alter one of the cable patterns that I wasn’t keen on.

It took a lot of knitting time, and being cables it meant that it required concentration at all times, so not a mindless knit in front of the telly, but here it is, finished, and I love it!

It lives on the back of the settee, and is pulled down on a regular basis, it’s soft and warm, and great for sitting under to watch a film with the little one (and more often than not, Wilf too)!

More details on my Ravelry page.

Learning Crocodile Stitch

Crocodile stitch cushion cover I love finding new, unusual crochet stitches to add to my general granny-ing, and crocodile stitch was definitely on my list of new ones to learn. As it heads towards Autumn, the yearning to fill my home with soft yarny warmth increases, so I settled down to really get my head around this pattern.

I tried a couple of times just by following written instructions, but it just wasn’t clicking until I read this post, the video linked within it really helped me to work it out.

It is quite slow going, and uses a massive amount of yarn – this one cushion cover took about 400g of aran weight – but it produces a dense, tactile fabric that works really well to hold it’s shape. I backed it with a pale grey woollen fabric so both sides are equally soft.

Here it is at the start, and the end, together with my Blooming Flower Cushion, pattern by Attic24, and a quick teal blanket.

A blanket, and a giveaway!

This is the latest blanket commission to be completed. I love the rich colours that were chosen for me to work with – it looked really vibrant when finished.

I’d not made such a detailed blanket before – each square had 7 rounds, there were 15 colours in all, and I wasn’t looking forward to weaving the ends in! I decided to crochet batches of 10 squares, then weave the ends in as I went, which seemed like a very slow process but had to be better than spending 5 days at the end sewing them all in – I ended up with over 200g of leftover ends!

Halfway through the blanket I needed to order more of a couple of colours I’d run out of, and while waiting for them to be delivered I played about with making some bunting. It has 6 triangles, with pretty pointy edging on each, and although the photo of it up at the window hasn’t captured the colours properly, it is the same colours as the blanket.

I think if I had a little girl there would be lots of this bunting about her room, but as I don’t, I’m offering this as a giveaway 😀

Just comment if you’d like it! (There are no rules such as RT or ‘Share’ but if you’d like to, that would be great :D) I’ll draw a random name in a fortnight or so.

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered 🙂

Another blanket?!

crochet granny afghan

crochet granny afghancrochet granny afghan Soo.. I mentioned I have a thing about making blankets right?.. once or twice maybe?!

This is the latest blanket to be completed. It didn’t take long at all, and I really like the way it’s turned out. There are more pics on my Ravelry profile.

It’s made with good quality, soft acrylic, so very practical and easy to throw in the washing machine, without having to worry whether it will be felted to the size of a washcloth when done!

The yarn stash is slowly going down, don’t have quite enough left now for another blanket, so I will attempt to use up the rest of it with a few cushions.

I really like this pattern on Ravelry, may try out a cushion using it (though would really like to make another blanket).. Another blanket?!

Can one house have too many blankets? 😀

Blanket completion!

The blanket is finally done! In between Christmas, and all the last minute gift-making that entails, to the start of a family full of flu from Boxing Day, I managed to get back into the swing of the blanket, flying through the last half of it and completing the edging with a small, sick, child asleep on my knee beneath it.

It was received with great delight and is firmly settled on the bed of The Boy, who uses it for extra cuddles when he’s in bed – after I told him that every stitch is filled with love, and there are thousands of stitches, the blanket appears to have taken on magical qualities 😀

The cat is quite partial to it aswell..

I love making blankets, and feel quite lost now I don’t have one on the go, will have to start planning the next one now!

The blanket is a pattern by Lucy of Attic24, and you can see it, and more pictures, on my Ravelry page

Baby it’s cold outside!

colourful crochet blanketBrr.. it’s getting a bit chilly lately isn’t it?! It’s been blowing a gale here for a good few days, under the doors (need to make more door stops!) and the hens are getting blown everywhere! There has been lots of soup/stews cooked, the freezer is stocked, leaves are gorgeous reds and oranges and it is definately Autumn – my favourite season!

The Boy has had new bedding – flannelette, light blue with dark blue stars – and so have I, stripes, lots of stripes, loves me some stripes..!  I also ordered lots of yarn to make him a new blanket. Am using good quality acrylic, as apart from being a blanket, I know it will have to also double as a den/be dragged around the house etc, so it needs to be easily washable!

There is something so beautiful, so soothing, about a quiet night, with children snuggled up, fast asleep, while I crochet blankets, each stitch filled with love, ready to warm them further, as the nights get colder..