New fabric joy!

Lovely new fabric Yesterday this lovely bundle arrived, and I couldn’t be happier with it – I love getting new fabrics in general, but there are a few here that I’ve been wanting for a long time now, so I’m just delighted 😀

Now I’m just waiting for some more ‘Duck and Hen’ fabric for my latest commission, and that’s my lot for now.

Hey, Santa…

There will be some large knitting rolls made up from the new fabrics, and going into my Etsy shop, probably along with some matching project bags. I’m also working on getting DPN rolls made aswell, to give a greater variety of sizes.

If you would like me to make you anything out of these gorgeous new fabrics, please feel free to contact me 😀

Two pairs down, one to go..

As the weather started to get colder, I decided that the thin, unlined, summer curtains we had up just weren’t going to be enough to keep us that little bit warmer as the nights start drawing in.

It was time to tackle curtain making again!

I have made curtains in the past, but never a lined pair, and I had the added headache of having decided that thermal/blackout lining would be best to use – I had a couple of problems with this when I made the blinds – when you stitch through blackout fabric, you can see pinpricks of light coming through, not great when you’re a bit of a perfectionist!

I had a look at a few tutorials online, but these only served to confuse me more, so in the end I just went with the way I found easiest, probably not the professional way but I’m really pleased with how they turned out!

The grey pair in the lounge were made from scratch, using up a large amount of fabric I’d been given a while ago, and the flowery bedroom pair were originally a pair of handmade curtains I’d found in a charity shop, which I completely unpicked and re-did, including having to add a wide stripe of fabric at the bottom, to give them the length I wanted.

In making these, I learned how to blind hem on my machine, not something I’ve done before, so new curtains, and skills – bonus 😀

Just one pair to go now, for the small bedroom, then we’re all set.

Ducks at my window

Cock-a-leekie bathroom blindBlind made with fabric taken from stashThe house is a decorating work in progress.. again.. though this time it is going white throughout – I love how fresh white walls look. The latest room to be done was the downstairs bathroom. Now, both bathrooms have always had bamboo blinds, but never had any other window covering, and they always looked a little ‘unfinished’ so (after, ooh.. 4 years or so) I finally got round to making outer blinds for the windows.

I loosely followed this tutorial from Jen Duncan but I had to bodge adapt it a little, as I couldn’t find the weights for the bottom of the blinds (so used thin dowelling I had hanging about the place instead) and also I wanted the blinds attached outside of the windows, rather than inside, especially as above both windows there was already a strip of wood – presumably from previous blind hanging.

I bought some beautiful fabric called Cock-a-Leekie – covered in fabulous green/black ducks and hens – for downstairs, and used some fabric from my stash for the upstairs. I backed them with blackout fabric, and I’m pretty pleased with them, I have to say! The only thing I don’t like was that sewing the little rings at the back means tiny slivers of light show through the blackout fabric, so I didn’t sew through both fabrics on the second blind, just the backing fabric, and that seems to have helped.

I have quite a bit of the Cock-a-Leekie fabric left, so expect some knitting/crochet rolls arriving in the shop soon 😀

Lovely new fabric!

Got some new fabric today (to add to the stack I already have..)

Cherries, tattoo fabric, animals, skulls.. oh yes, and a definate leaning towards red lately! I am particularly taken with the strawberries 😀

Now to get busy making.. First some pirate bunting I think!