Happy Hoodie

Ivor I’ve recently finished this hoodie, requested by my friend, Ivor, of Tudor House.

He had given me a few ideas of the sort of thing he wanted, so we looked through some patterns that I thought would work, and he picked the lovely ‘Hooded Jacket (for men) by Patons.

I used the pattern as a base, but made quite a few alterations, to suit the way I prefer to work, such as knitting it in the round as opposed to doing the back and fronts separately (it made working the pockets slightly confusing, not least because I had about 5 circulars holding various bits and bobs at times). I also chose to knit both sleeves at the same time, on one circ, as I thought I might get ‘second sleeve syndrome’ and not want to start the second when I’d finally completed the first!

The original pattern called for a zip, but Ivor wanted buttons (and it finished in time for a holiday, with no way of me getting a zip in time!) so I set about knitting button bands, which saw lots of me crouched over it with a tape measure and lots of markers, scratching my head and puzzling my way through knitting maths – I was so proud/pleased that it all worked out so well!

It is the largest thing I’ve ever knitted, that wasn’t a blanket (Ivor is about 6’4″), it didn’t take too long, maybe a little less than a month, but I did work on it A LOT in that time. I’m really happy with how it worked out, and I think you can see that Ivor is too!

You can see more pics of it on my Ravelry page.