Playing with pyro

Leather pyro

I’ve been playing about with pyrography on different types of leather – here are a couple of recent test pieces.

I’ve pyrographed on leather before – you can see some of my previous work, bookmarks, on my Meg&Millie Facebook page, or in my pyro gallery.

Working on leather is a lot different to working on wood. It feels slightly more nerve-wracking – leather marks instantly, whereas with wood you can build up your line work a little slower, if you wish. Shading on leather is quite basic, you can’t gradually work a subtle shade on it, like you can with wood.

I think the main difference for me though, is the smell – not that leather has an unpleasant smell, but wood can give off such beautiful smells when you work with it, and of course each different wood has a different smell.

I enjoy working with both, it’s nice to have a wider range of material to work on, but I think wood wins for me.