Beautiful bargains

Lovely finds.

I’ve had some lovely finds lately – lots of pretty vintage gloves (for all the posh afternoon teas I may one day attend, of course!) and a lovely (vintage, but reprinted) book full of tips and tuition for the domestic goddess (I can always use a bit of extra knowledge in this department!) – I love the ‘Dressmaking at Home’ section, and look at that date – 1895!

My favourite find by far is a box full of love letters – over a hundred – written in the 1950’s, by a young man in the RAF, to his sweetheart. They begin from when they met as friends, and over the course of a year their story plays out through these letters. I’m sure there must have been another box, as the box is absolutely packed with them, but the story hadn’t ended – I wish I could read the rest!

Alongside the letters were some photographs, and also a medal from WWI. A bit of research showed me that the medal had belonged to the grandfather of the man who wrote the letters. What a lovely box of family history. Not my family, granted, but I love it nonetheless, and it always surprises me (and saddens me a little) when things like this turn up at car boot sales.