Stalls, socks, sadness and a touch of sun..

monkeys, bunting, gloves, stall, fair, We had a craft fair on Easter Sunday, it was the second one I’ve done, so this one was a little less stressful – even if I did forget half my stock, at least I remembered a float this time!

It was organised by the lovely Channa, of Oh Sew Nice – if you have little ones in your family, you really should check out her site 😀

Customers were still a bit thin on the ground, but the ones who were there were lovely, and as I was knitting socks at my table, I ended up deep in conversation with quite a few people who were reminiscing about how long it had been since they had seen anyone doing that, and how their mother/wife used to make them socks when they were younger. The general consensus was that said socks used to be very scratchy, and I had a lot of touchy-feeliness with the (very soft) wool I was using. The sweetest of these conversations was with a little girl of about 8, who shyly told me her grandma was teaching her to knit with two needles, and could I show her how to do it with five!

I spent my profits on beautiful handmade soaps from Karen!

The proceeds of the fair went to the local branch of Chernobyl Childrens Life Line.

socks, sadness, warmth, comfort
So.. we’ve covered the stall bit, onto socks and sadness.. Here they are, the socks that I started at the fair. Complete, and warming my feet as I type. Excuse the bad photo, the light was fading too fast to get more.

They take a lot of time, socks.. But I’ve been dwelling anyway, so I needed something to occupy the time. I’ve been dwelling on the business – sales seem to be few and far between at the moment, and it’s making me question things; is my range too small, are my prices correct, etc..

I’ve been sad, to tell the truth.

Months have passed by with me only making things to stock the shop, and I’ve made nothing for my family, or our home, in quite a while, and to not be selling regularly makes this even sadder. So, I’ve taken a few days out, to ponder, and mull, and maybe sulk a little, and I’ve made socks. And I feel a bit better you know! I have a thing about handmade socks anyway, they’re pretty and practical, and they allow a gentle rhythm of the hands whilst the brain goes ten to the dozen. They warm not only my feet, but the cockles of my heart.

Oh, and the sun part of this post.. It’s been lovely and warm last couple of days.. Sock wearing weather I don’t think! 😀